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Aiding muscles that have been overused or experienced recurring injury and helps to relieve muscle tightness and pain.


Sports Massage is a specific approach to massage therapy. It is tailored to suit individuals who are regularly engaged in strenuous exercise, health and fitness or athletic endeavours. It focuses on techniques which promote effective recovery and decrease recovery times, enhance performance and reduce the risks of injury that come with strenuous physical exertion. Sports Massage is suitable for both before and after athletic performance, and can be an extremely effective component of a warmup or cooldown for competitive athletes.


Sports Massage has been recognised as an important part of athletic excellence since the earliest days of organised competition in ancient Greece and Rome. Thanks to modern scientific enquiry, we now have good evidence to support that Sports Massage may:

  • Increase blood flow and raise muscle temperature.
  • Decrease pain, swelling and muscle tension.
  • Break down muscle adhesions and scar tissue.
  • Provide “prehabilitation” or decreased risk of injury during exercise.
  • Increase exercise performance.
  • Decrease recovery times and improve recovery.
  • Reduce pre-performance stress and anxiety.


Sports Massage is suitable for everyone of all levels of physical activity. Regular sports massage will be an immense benefit to those who are pushing themselves physically and are looking for the best massage to prevent injury as well as improve performance and recovery.

  • You have received a referral for Sports Massage from a medical practitioner.
  • You regularly exercise or compete athletically.
  • You have persistent pain, tightness or soreness attributed to exercise.
  • You do not feel fully recovered after intense exercise, even after a few days.
  • You have an important athletic event coming up and need an edge.
  • You are often stressed before athletic competition.

Does any of the above apply to you? Book an appointment for Sports Massage Click here , or call us to discuss your needs so we can find the best treatment for you!


As the highest-rated massage therapist in Tamworth, we pride ourselves on giving you the treatment you need so you can perform at your absolute best.

A Sports Massage treatment is highly variable depending upon the sport-specific needs of the individual patient. For example, a long distance runner will have significantly different needs to a strongman and will enjoy a very different session. A session before a big game will be very different to the session after, and so on. There is always a focus on warming the muscles and increasing blood flow to aid performance and recovery, and a range of techniques will be used to achieve this goal while simultaneously addressing any pain, tension, spasms or cramping that may arise due to exercise.

We have offered Sports Massage to all sorts of athletes, from marathon runners to rugby players, bodybuilders to martial artists, and everything in between – no matter what your passion is, we can help you excel!

Part of a team or a coach? Do you need ongoing Sports Massage services for multiple people before, during or after a match? Contact Fred directly on 04 6690 0470 to discuss.

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