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How can massage help treat back pain?

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How can massage help treat back pain?

If you’re suffering from back pain, you’re not suffering alone. Over 3.5 million Australians suffer from back problems, according to a 2014 National Health Survey. That’s 1 in 6 people!

Back pain ranges from very minor to chronic and debilitating discomfort. Massage Therapy offers a solution to treat, if not resolve, many of these issues. But, how does massage actually work to treat this specific pain and what styles of massage are most suitable for optimal results?

4 ways massage helps to treat back pain

Massage is non-invasive, low-risk therapy which provided numerous physical and psychological benefits. For those suffering from back pain, massage is an accepted method of treating. Furthermore, it will help reduce symptoms as well as improving the underlying issues.

  1. Professional Assessment of Cause – Most massage practitioners are trained physical therapists who can help to assess the root causes of your back pain. They can also recommend exercises or changes to your daily routine. This will help relieve symptoms long term, and if you should see a doctor for treatment if the cause is serious.
  2. Increasing Blood Flow – By working the back muscles, massage increases blood flow to the back. This helps to promote healing, particularly in the case of soreness. It may even improve the long term vascular function of both athletes gen pop patients.
  3. Increased endorphins – Endorphins are the chemicals which promote feelings of wellbeing within the brain and reduce pain and anxiety. Many massage techniques promote increased endogenous endorphin levels, which helps you feel better and may promote healing.
  4. Decreases Tension – Excessive muscle tension can cause restricted range of motion and pain, especially around the neck and lower back. Massage relaxes these key muscle groups, eliminating associated pain and increasing flexibility.

Which types of massage are best for back pain?

There are many forms of massage therapy available, and although each promotes general wellbeing, some are more effective than others for treating certain kinds of pain such as back pain.

For back pain, the most effective techniques are:

  1. Trigger Point Myotherapy – Also known as Neuromuscular Therapy, this involves alternating levels of concentrated pressure on identified areas of muscle spasm. At Massage Land, this is offered as part of our Remedial Massage treatment.
  2. Swedish Massage – Also known as Relaxation Massage, this is a gentler form of massage that aims to promote general relaxation and relieve pain. Most suited for minor back pain, as it is a low-intensity technique.
  3. Deep Tissue Massage – Also known as Sports Massage, this uses similar techniques to Swedish Massage but at a much higher intensity to target deep muscle adhesions (knots) and scar tissue.

Finding the best massage for you

Massage therapy is an essential part of the treatment and rehabilitation of those suffering from back issues. We offer the highest quality massage services and have worked with many clients suffering from neck pain, back pain, and any other issue you can think of.

If you are looking for the massage that’s right for you, we recommend that you have a chat with one of our team members today. All our practitioners are fully qualified and certified, and we’d love to help you find the solutions you’re looking for!

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