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Why Do You Feel Sore After a Massage?

If you’ve ever felt sore or achy after a massage, you’re not alone. While a massage can be relaxing and therapeutic, it’s not uncommon to experience some level of soreness afterwards. In this post, we’ll explore the causes of post-massage soreness and provide tips to alleviate the discomfort.

What is Post-Massage Soreness?

Post-massage soreness is a common side effect of receiving a massage. It can manifest as sore muscles, stiffness, or general discomfort. While some level of soreness is normal, excessive or prolonged soreness may indicate an issue.


The causes of post-massage soreness are multifaceted. Some of the most common causes include the release of lactic acid, inflammation, and pressure on the muscles. The type of massage you receive, your hydration levels, and your overall health can also contribute to the duration of soreness after a massage.

Below are a few reasons you could be experiencing soreness after a massage:

  • Knots and muscle tension: the soft tissues of your body are manipulated and stretched to break down the knots and adhesions.
  • Duration between massage: you may need more regular massages to maintain healthy muscles to decrease recovery time between massages
  • Dehydration: it is crucial to hydrate before and after a massage to gain the full benefits from a massage.

Tips to Alleviate Post Massage Soreness

There are several things you can do to alleviate the discomfort of soreness after a massage. These include staying hydrated, stretching, taking a warm bath, using a heating pad, and getting plenty of rest. Additionally, speaking with your massage therapist about your discomfort can help them adjust their techniques to minimize soreness in the future.

By understanding the causes and taking steps to alleviate the discomfort, you can make the most of your massage experience and ensure that you leave feeling relaxed and refreshed.

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